Brighton based 2econd Class Citizen, makes folk music for the digital age. Sometimes psychedelic, often complex and always moving, his sound is hard to define but easy to fall in love with. 

With a series of critically acclaimed releases garnering praise from luminaries such as Ninja Tune legend DJ Food (Who went so far as to invite Aaron to collaborate on a track for his own album),  2econd Class Citizen’s music has long been astounding listeners in all corners of the globe. Cementing the affection of his loyal following through frequent European Tours and remixes for artists such as The Herbaliser, Dj food & Dday 0ne his new record A Hall of Mirrors, on Dday one’s US label Content Records is his most accomplished music to date… 


In his live sets 2econd Class Citizen recreates the complexity and depth of orchestration he has become known for, using sound editing software, live drumming and scratching to keep a strong improvisational aspect, and often embellishing performances with the introduction of guest musicians and vocalists.  

In addition to frequent European Tours with the likes of Ceschi, Glen Porter & Buddy Peace he has performed at festivals including Glastonbury and Soundwave (Croatia), sharing stages with the likes of Dj Food, Nosaj Thing, Dj Krush, Buck 65, Dj Scientist, The Hidden Orchestra, B Dolan,, Loka, Dosh, The Q4, Gong and many more. 

Contact me:
Phone 07813308281