Wyred Folk EP

2econd Class Citizen

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Here is what the people said about “Wyred Folk” back then:

“One of the most interesting and captivating blends of styles and sounds you'll have heard in a while.”

“Wyred Folk is a densely layered, melancholy tinged mini masterpiece” (5/5)
thebeatsurrender.co.uk UK

“Really really nice stuff. The sort of thing that makes you glad to still use vinyl.”
Mr. Trick (Needlework/Rhythm Incursions Radio)

“Folk and Hip-Hop combined very excellently” (5/5)
De-Bug Magazine

“This is great, really original and beautifully packaged”
Strictly Kev (DJ Food / Ninja Tune)

"2CC’s formula essentially equates to mournful strumming, trip hop drums, monastery vibes and Radiohead’s ‘Street Spirit’, covering the overlap of paranoia and stoned bliss." (5/7)
Matt Oliver (One Week to Live) UK

„The perfect soundtrack“
Flashmag Germany (5/6)

“Definitely one to keep an eye on.”
The Fly Magazine UK

„An amazing EP“
HHV Magazine Germany

„Folk music that you can nod your head to”
Goon Magazine Germany

“The greatest revolutions in history were the quiet ones!.. don’t miss this new chapter in experimental Hip-Hop”
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Old Folk Wine

2econd Class Citizen

Here is a small project i have started re editing some old acid folk works.
My first experiment here is with a track called Lord & Master by a band called "Heron".
The simple lyrics about nature and the changing seasons combined with the charming melodies really struck a chord with me when I first heard it.
Please take a minute to listen to the original if you can...
I have added some drums, bass and a few edits...
Feel free to download it and maybe go for a walk in the woods ;)
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