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First of all. A belated Happy New Year! 
Personally last year was by far my best by a long way. On the 24th of August I became a father!! It has been an such an amazing experience which I cant put into words but the parents among you know the deal! 
This hasn't given me much time for music but it definitely didn't stop me from being creative. Firstly I put a mixx together called Ddouble Vvision. The title being a nod to the many late nights taking care of the little one and my eyes not being able to keep up. Checkitout here

Also Yesterday I released the single 'Third Eye" A collaborative effort with Graciellita on vocals. I'm very happy with it and It was supposed to go on the album but I just didn't feel it fitted right in the track-list. it is free or pay what you like to download, so click here if you'd like to get involved with that... Ive also been working on new projects which I'm very excited about. So yeah enjoy the New year and every thing that unfolds. Till next time...

Brighton based 2econd Class Citizen, makes folk music for the digital age. Sometimes psychedelic, often complex and always moving, his sound is hard to define but easy to fall in love with.

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